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The Elephant’s Umbrella brings the message of EMPATHY

Read a wonderful review of The Elephant’s Umbrella by Jill Bennett:    The Elephant’s Umbrella Laleh Jaffari and Ali Khodai (translated by Azita Rassi) Elephant, a kindly pachyderm, is always ready and willing to share his prized possession, a brightly coloured umbrella, with his fellow animals whenever the need should arise. One day though while […]


The Elephant’s Umbrella presents sharing as a win-win situation

The Elephant’s Umbrella has been listed as a Perfect Picture Book! On her lovely blog To Wander, Ponder, Write, Patricia Nozell picks one picture book to review every Friday. Read on to find out why she thinks it’s so wonderful that The Elephant’s Umbrella ‘presents sharing as a win-win situation’, and to see some resources and suggestions for exploring the […]