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Chalk Eagle

We have an exciting announcement; you could win a copy of Chalk Eagle. We’re hosting this give-away to celebrate National Storytelling Week (January 27th- February 3rd) and the publication of Chalk Eagle on the 29th of January.

Chalk Eagle is a wordless picture book that explores the power of the imagination. It is filled with bold screen printed illustrations by Nazli Tahvili, and tells the tale of a boy who lives in the heart of a bustling city. He longs to escape the city and find adventure in the wild, which is a dream that comes true when he decides to draw his very own chalk eagle. The boy and the eagle fly around and have their own adventures. Proving that all we need to make our dreams of soaring away come true is a little bit of imagination.

We believe that this message should be shared far and wide, which is why we want the children in your schools to take part in our project. Wordless picture books inspire creativity; when we lose the words we gain the opportunity to create our own narrative. They feed our imagination. We want your students to take the lead in making up their own story inspired by reading Chalk Eagle.

Chalk Eagle

Chalk Eagle

Perhaps you will go through the book as a class, and then allow the children to think about their own responses. These responses can be in any format, from written stories, pictures, and even visual performances. Go where the wind takes you. All we ask is that you send us your creations, whatever they are. The ones which we think are the most exciting, inspiring and wonderful will be featured on our website.

To have the chance to win a copy of Chalk Eagle please tweet us @TinyOwl_Books or send us an email at info@tinyowl.co.uk. This competition is only open for schools in the UK.

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Distinctive and original illustrations will transport you to another world!

A Bottle of Happiness by Pippa Goodhart & Ehsan Abdollahi

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Read a wonderful review of A Bottle of Happiness by Alex Cyrson, aged 11, for the English Association’s English 4 – 11 magazine.

One mountain, two sides, what happens when the affluent and the penniless mix? Can one small boy change the fate of those very different people? Can happiness really be transported in a bottle? This imaginative story will have you hooked from the very first page. The perfect blend of distinctive and original but exquisite illustrations will transport you to another world. It is the ideal combination of light-hearted fiction with morals (like the importance of friendship and true values in life) thrown in for good measure. I would recommend this story to children of all ages; it is an excellent book, whether you’re talking family fun or even a reading session in class. This is a heart-warming story for everyone and it will certainly pull all of your heart strings. It is so eye catching and attractive it is the first book I would pick off a crammed bookshelf.

  • A Bottle of Happiness among the best books of 2017… twice!
  • A Bottle of Happiness longlisted for 2018 UKLA Book Awards
  • A Bottle of Happiness among the best books of the year by the Sunday Times. Link

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